Logan Christopher Sweet          Jan 22, 2002 - May 9, 2008

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About Logan

The Miracle Of Life

        Happy Birthday Logan
n was born on January 22, 2002. It was a pretty smooth pregnancy other than the fact that Logan was breech, so we had a scheduled c-section for Feb 2, 2002.  However, my water broke on Jan 22 at about 7:30pm.  Logan was born at 11:59pm that same night.  He was a beautiful little boy and looked just like his father.  A few days after Logan was born, we found out that he had a bone condition called Hip Dysplasia.   It is where the hip bone does not fit nice and snug in the bone socket.  This was caused by the breech position that Logan was in for the last few weeks of pregnancy.  Poor Logan had to wear a brace for the first 3 months of his life, but he didn't seem bothered by it at all.  Once the brace was off, his bones were completely normal and you never would have known that he was born with Hip Dysplasia.
    At the age of 2, Logan discovered the love-of-his-life....Thomas the Train.  We traveled all over New England to see Thomas and to go for a 1/2 hour train ride on the Cheeky Little Train.  His love for trains never stopped.  Throughout his 6 years, we went to many different and exciting train museums, train events and several train rides.
    We lived in Hudson NH for the first 3 1/2 years of Logan's life.  Logan attended daycare with Penny a few days a week and loved playing and socializing with his friends.  Shortly after his little sister, Jaclyn, was born, we decided to sell our house and move to Maine where our families lived.  It was a long process, but finally on Nov 1, 2005, we moved into our new home in Bowdoinham Maine.  We moved to a 13 lot subdivision with wonderful neighbors and lots of children.  We now lived close to all of Logan's cousins and I lived in my dream neighborhood. 
    Logan started preschool at Pejepscot Day School in September of 2005.  Miss Stephanie, Miss Rebecca and Miss Amy welcomed Logan with open arms.  He loved preschool!   It was at preschool that Logan met his best friend, Carson.  Carson and his little sister Avery live in Bowdoinham too and I became best friends with their mother, Dawn.  Carson and Logan were like brothers....they did everything together and they had each others back.   And of course with Dawn and I so close, it was easy for the kids to get together all the time for play-dates.  Logan had two wonderful years at Pejepscot school and while he was there, he grew into this beautiful, smart and energetic little boy.  He discovered his love for numbers, Legos, art, drawing, Knex, Spiderman, Transformers and dancing, which he called "doing his moves".
    In September of 2007, Logan started Kindergarten at Bowdoinham Community School.  Thank you Principal Stahl for all that you have done.  Kindergarten opened up a whole new world for Logan.  New friends, teachers, responsibilities, reading, writing, math, science, computer, art and music classes. And of course sports.  Soccer, t-ball, and basketball were activities that he enjoyed very much.  Soccer was definitely his favorite.  He was a very active boy and soccer was a sport that kept him running and moving.   He loved it.   He was beginning to find his place as a defense player, although he did score many goals for his team as well.
    It was during his kindergarten year that Logan's love for numbers and money took a large leap.   He loved money, counting, adding, subtracting and was even getting the concept of multiplication.  His brain was always thinking about numbers and counting and trying to figure out how much something would cost if you added two things together. His favorite number was a Googolplex.  His Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Johnson, was always amazed with some of the number questions that Logan would approach her with.  For example, Logan asked Mrs. Johnson when they were going to talk and learn about the numbers  Octillion,
Novtillion and Dectillion.
    We were so proud of Logan and how he always wanted to learn.  If we didn't know the answer to the question that he was asking, he would ask us to go look it up on the internet.  He was a little sponge of knowledge and loved to discover and learn new things.  He loved nature and the outdoors.  He loved bugs and butterflies.  He was concerned about the earth and loved to recycle.  He knew to turn off the lights in order to "help save the earth".
    When he was only 3 months old, we took Logan to Colorado.  While we were there, I took him to the Colorado Hot Springs and he LOVED it.  We spent half the day in 98 degree natural hot springs.  It was then that his love for the water started.  Logan loved to travel and go on vacations.  During his 6 years, he traveled to Colorado, Utah, Seattle, went on several
camping trips in Maine, VT and NH and many skiing trips to Canada.  Logan loved to snowboard with his father.  He was beginning to show strong interest in the globe and Earth and many fascinating places such as China, Japan, Russia and the Northpole.  He wanted to know about these places, how long it would take to get there, and could you really get to China by digging straight down through the Earth.
    Logan was also very affectionate.  He was my little cuddle-bug.   Every morning we would snuggle on the couch under a blanket and he would drink his cup of hot cocoa to get warm.   He gave killer hugs and kisses.  His "sherbert" kiss was everyone's favorite kiss.  He also enjoyed making people laugh.  His sense of humor was ahead of his age and his main purpose in life was to be silly and make his friends and family giggle in delight.  He also loved health and nutrition.  He loved exercising and "doing his moves".  He was our little monkey because he loved climbing trees and literally, climbing the walls.  He loved to eat fish, salads, fruit and veggies and would ask if something was good for him and would it make him grow big and strong.  Don't get me wrong, he loved his cake and ice cream too but he knew the importance of eating healthy and exercising to keep his body in good shape.  One of Logan's favorite meals was fruit salad.  It brings some sort of comfort knowing that this was the meal that he had 1/2 hour before he passed away on May 9th, 2008.  We will never forget our Little Buddy.  He died on May 9th, 2008 at 6:47pm from a heart condition called Myocarditis.  You can read about this story on the Remember Logan page. 

We love you Logan.  You will forever be in our heart
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